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London Taxi
Taxi on the Street

Who are we...


Our story began far from here...

British born and raised in Rome, James discovered a passion for hospitality in his university years that led him into a 27yr career in hotels throughout Italy and London.

Kathie was a small-town local girl with huge dreams and a desire to travel the world - a blessing she has been granted over her 20yrs with Delta Airlines.

One fateful night in London our paths crossed. We met, we fell in love, but we were literally living oceans apart. Thankfully, fate wasn’t finished with us...

We have been blessed with the opportunity to make The Mabelle, one of Pawhuska’s most iconic homes, our own.

So, dear guest, we open our home to you. We offer you comfort, kindness, and a touch of the worlds we have known in the most beautiful place we could imagine living.

Please join us in our new-found joy and let us share our home with you.

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